dj RED-R

Redar Gyliana, professionally known as DJ RED-R, is an Iraqi DJ specializing in URBAN, Hip Hop, and House music genres. Born on April 27, 1993, in Erbil, Iraq, his journey into the world of DJing commenced in 2018 in the vibrant city of Erbil. Observing the dissatisfaction among partygoers with local DJs, he embarked on a mission to make a difference.

Encountering limited learning opportunities, Redar decided to travel to Lebanon in pursuit of guidance. Despite lacking prior music or DJing experience, he acquired a DJ kit and found mentorship under an American Lebanese DJ Edrien, mastering the fundamentals of the craft in a mere two weeks.

Returning to Erbil, Redar faced numerous challenges in his learning journey but persevered with unwavering support from his family. Soon, he began performing at parties in Erbil, gradually progressing to major events such as Christmas and New Year's concerts. His diverse mix of music styles—RNB, Hip Hop, URBAN, Reggaeton, Deep house, and House—aligned perfectly with local preferences. The influence of Lebanese DJs notably shaped his unique music style known as "BAZZAR."

Redar's mixes have amassed over a thousand plays on SoundCloud alone. He actively engages audiences on platforms like Anghami, YouTube, and Spotify. In a short span, he revolutionized the DJing scene in Erbil, becoming a regular fixture at renowned establishments, including Babylon FM, the largest radio station in Kurdistan, along with various hotels, nightclubs, and bars. Additionally, he frequents private parties, enriching these events with his energetic performances.

His ultimate ambition is to become a globally recognized DJ, representing the culturally rich region of Kurdistan. Redar aspires to showcase Kurdistan's vibrant music scene to the world, leaving a lasting impact through his passion and talent.

what i play

music styles

  • Hip Hop
  • R&B
  • Afro
  • Bazzar
  • Deep house
  • EDM
  • Nu disco
  • 80s

My Story


In April 2018, I journeyed to Lebanon to learn from the revered American-Lebanese DJ Edrien, immersing myself in the art of DJing and music theory.

Returning to Erbil by August, I took to the stages of small bars and pubs, pioneering the fusion of English and Arabic songs as a DJ. As the first to blend these diverse musical styles, I forged connections and brought people together through the universal language of music.


In 2019, my DJ journey in Erbil took a leap as I performed at larger venues like the Inferno Club. But beyond the beats, I felt a deeper calling to make a meaningful impact.

Thus, I founded Spens N Smilies—a charity organization dedicated to spreading joy and hope through music to marginalized individuals in Kurdistan. One of our initiatives took us to Nanakaly Hospital in Erbil, where we hosted a special event for children battling cancer.

Over 70 kids, aged 2 to 12, along with their families, experienced a day filled with DJ-ing, face painting, clown performances, and delightful treats like cakes and fruits. The joy radiating from these little souls was palpable, turning their day into an unforgettable celebration, all made possible by the support of 20 dedicated volunteers.

Additionally, we organized a fundraising Masquerade Ball in Erbil on the 21st of December. With the collective support, we raised $1000. This enabled us to purchase and deliver essential items—such as a bookshelf, printer, and generator—to a primary school in Koya, prioritizing the needs of both the dedicated school staff and the eager students.


In 2020, my DJ career soared as I performed at various venues across Erbil, drawing a dedicated following wherever I played. The support of the growing crowd was both humbling and exhilarating.

During the summer months of September and October, I secured a significant contract with Erbil Rotana, gracing their poolside restaurant every Thursday and Friday with my music. It was an exciting opportunity that amplified my presence in the city’s vibrant nightlife scene.

However, the unforeseen impact of the COVID-19 pandemic cast a shadow over 2020, leading to the closure of all entertainment venues. The sudden halt was a stark reminder of the uncertainty and challenges faced by everyone in the industry during those times.


In early 2021, with venues still closed due to COVID restrictions, I pivoted to connect with my audience via Instagram Live. Each day, I dedicated an hour to DJing, taking song requests from followers, and bringing joy through the small screen of a mobile device. It was a unique way to keep spirits high during challenging times.

As restrictions eased in April, I began taking gigs at various venues. Among them, Basilis stood out for its incredible atmosphere and the vibrant energy of the people. It was an unforgettable experience for everyone who attended, filled with fantastic vibes.

In August, a pivotal moment arrived when I secured a contract with Erbil Rotana for their newly opened bar and restaurant, Breeze. As the first DJ at Breeze, me and the general manager of Erbil Rotana Mr. Ramy Haykal crafted unforgettable moments in the most luxurious dining spot in Erbil, setting the tone for memorable evenings.

Moreover, this year presented remarkable opportunities as I curated parties for esteemed consulates like the British, Italian, French, Dutch, and US consulates. It was an honor to bring my music and energy to these distinguished gatherings, adding a touch of rhythm and delight to their events.


In 2022, my journey continued with Erbil Rotana’s Breeze, where I curated unforgettable moments brimming with incredible vibes until October. Afterward, I transitioned to freelance DJing at various spots across Erbil. This year was truly remarkable, defined by the joy of witnessing people’s happiness and the infectious positive energy surrounding me.

The remarkable power and positivity exuded by the people I encountered became my driving force. Fueled by their energy, I channeled it into crafting unforgettable parties, drawing inspiration from the collective joy and good vibes that surrounded us all. It was a year marked not just by music but by the profound connections forged through the universal language of celebration and happiness.


In 2023, I expanded my footprint across Erbil, gracing stages at various pubs and bars, and performing three to four times a week. A significant milestone was venturing into a new city for my career—Sulymanya. For over six months, I held regular gigs at the prestigious Grand Millennium Hotel Sulaimani, renowned as one of Iraq’s finest 5-star establishments.


In 2024, I extend my warmest wishes for a joyous New Year to all of you! Let’s join hands and fill this year’s canvas with shared happiness, memorable moments, and collective achievements. Here’s to a year of togetherness and making each moment count!